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A 40-year-old story of success and dedication.

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1979Founding of the Constrution and Incorporating company CHL

- In 2006 I sold CHL and remained as one of its executives for four years. We had over a billion Brazilian Reais in sales, more than 20 simultaneous developments, 250 people working in office and over 5000 professionals, counting construction workers, involved. I remained active until 2011, closing a cycle as an executive according to what was previously arrange at the time of the selling of CHL. Upon my leaving, the Rio unit for which I was responsible had lept from 10-15% to 50% of the global result of the company. After more than 30 years acting as a developer and incorporator it was the first time I was really away from the day-to-day operations.



From all the experience gathered by me and my team I created TGB, where I would no longer act only as a developer and incorporator, but also as an investor. Today I am proud of our projects and portfolio containing over 200 stores in Brazil and the USA, and also of having one of my sons by my side, Guili Chor, who brought a bold view on finances and business to the company.

Rogério Chor

At the age of 21 I graduated in Civil Engineering and my first steps in real estate were at the founding of CHL, which initially built and launched condos in Campo Grande, west zone of Rio de Janeiro. Since the beginning, two aspects were fundamental to me: focus and team. I am very proud and grateful to count, until today, on the collaboration of professionals who are by my side since the beginning of my story. The most iconic example of competence and dedication is Junior, a professional that has followed me since my first project and that was responsible for the engineering area of every single one of my constructions. Regarding focus, when I decided to invest in Campo Grande I lived and breathed the place, investing everything in Campo Grande. And that went on for five years. Only then I set my sights on Tijuca, where I focused for a good deal of time. There I started launching multi-family buildings with a significantly higher selling price. Next challenge: make it to the south zone of Rio. In 1993, that dream came true launching my first building in Lagoa. From that point on, having developed projects in all areas of the city, my company began growing at an intense, but always controlled, rate. CHL launched projects with over 900 units and in 2006 reached the R$ 3 billion mark in sales.

2006Selling of CHL

Commitment and excellency.Love for the city.

TGB Empreendimentos Imobiliários was created in 2005 as the result of over 20 years of gathered experience by our partners. Since 1983 there are over 200 successful real estate developments. Innovation, sophistication, quality and total focus on our clients’ needs and desires were always the distinct features of the CHL and TGB group.